Life after college isn’t always easy. You have to find a job, move away from a lot of your friends, and actually get up before noon (the horror!)

Here are just a few ways that films and TV shows completely lied to us about life after graduation.

You won’t be able to afford a massive loft apartment

Complete with quirky exposed brick and aged wood beams. If you’re a recent graduate you will probably end up in a house-share with at least three other people. You can kiss your privacy and dreams of a Pinterest-inspired apartment goodbye. Sorry, but you won’t be able to afford Monica’s apartment in Friends.

You don’t just fall into the perfect post-grad

Sorry Elle Woods but getting into Harvard just isn’t that easy. Finding the perfect post-grad degree can be very tricky. Not to mention the extortionate fees.

You probably won’t get your own office

With a sprawling view of the skyscrapers below. You’ll be lucky if you even get a cubicle in your first officejob. But hey, It’s always something to work towards.


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