Black History Month Thoughts

Diverse group of business people walking through office corridor. Team of corporate professionals walking and talking in modern office hallway.

Did you watch the Grammy Awards this year?

There were some amazing moments, but none better than when Tracy Chapman plays her most famous hit, “Fast Car” with Luke Combs. If you don’t know the background of this duo being on stage together, do yourself a favor and research the story. It’s a story of inspiration and success.

When we talk about Black History Month, we usually focus on celebrating the contributions, successes, and achievements of Black individuals throughout history, and how they’ve helped shape the society we currently live in.

But it’s important to remember it’s also a time to delve into the historical and ongoing challenges faced by black communities. Discussions during the month of February should include topics of racial inequality, social justice, and the importance of fostering a more inclusive society as well.

By understanding and appreciating the overall impact of Black history, people can contribute to more tolerant and respectful environments.

Lisa Petty