The Post-pandemic Workplace

We’re at a point in time where we are just coming out of our world being turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are slowly figuring out what our future might look like economically, socially, and work-wise.     

Many business owners are trying to figure out what the future of the workspace will look like going forward. If your office went virtual for the past year, do you plan to remain that way, or are you headed back into the workspace? Or will you end up in a
hybrid situation?

A report says 86% of employees who have flexibility at work are more productive, and employees want flexible work. According to that same report, 50% of employees are happier with their current working situation than they were pre-pandemic.

I think this is the perfect time for us to look even deeper into our situations, reassess our goals and start understanding that everyone has choices to make that will affect the future of how we work.

I also think the world has changed, and we will never go back to what we once considered “normal.” But I also don’t think that is bad. In college, I had a poster up in my room. It said, “We cannot change unless we survive, but we will not survive unless we change.”  I believe that change is the only constant in our world, so we might as well roll with it.

Lisa Petty
EOE Journal