Time Marches On

I am constantly amazed at the consistency and efficiency of time. It just keeps marching on, regardless of circumstance or event. Sometimes we can perceive time as going more slowly or more quickly, but it is only our perception that makes the difference. Time doesn’t waver.
I’ve heard it said that “everyone has the same 24 hours in a day,” and that our priorities are what
indicate how we spend them. And that’s true, for the most part, but Oprah’s 24 hours and a homeless
person’s 24 hours are divided by different choices.

Everyone has challenges in his or her life that are personal. Your job is to determine your true priorities and manage your time around those priorities so that your challenges do not create barriers to what you want to accomplish.

As the new year is upon us, take some time to think about how you choose to spend your time every day. Are your priorities lined up with your actions? If not, maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities. Maybe what you claim is important to you is not as much a priority as you think. If your priorities do line up with your actions, keep up the great work and continue to challenge yourself!

Lisa Petty, Editor
Equal Opportunity Employment Journal