How to Return to Work After a Career Break

Returning to work after a career break can seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been out of work for 12 months or even 12 years, getting back in touch with your professional self isn’t always easy. But the good news is we’re here to help.

Here are a few tips to make the transition a little bit smoother.

Always explain why you were on a break

Don’t try to pretend that your career break didn’t happen. Hiring managers and recruiters will find a massive gap in your job history suspicious if you do not explain it. Include a short description about why you took a career break but keep it brief. This will put their mind at ease.

Brush up on your skills

If you’ve been out of work for over a year then you will need to make sure that your skills are up to date. Research any new social media channels or tools that have become popular in your absence and find out more about them. It might even be a good idea to take an online refresher course. This will make returning to work so much easier.

Update your social presence

During your career break, you may have let things like your Jobbio profile or LinkedIn account become stale. Refresh all your pages with updated information and interests. It’s crucial that you are active and engaged with the industry. This will be important for potential employers.


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