Our core values are Passion, Collaboration, Excellence, Openness, and Ownership. They are the DNA of our culture. Passion is enthusiasm for improving the outcome for others. Collaboration and sharing successful models and building cross-functional bridges will result in great improvements in many areas and for every employee. Thoughtful input from colleagues helps us overcome obstacles, work more efficiently, and improve outcomes, for our employees, customers, and their patients. Openness is the foundation of a feedback culture that respects every contribution. We value this most of all. Creating high-quality, best-in-class products and services is a team effort that can’t be achieved individually. Our excellence is based on leadership, mentorship, teamwork, and processes.

We have established a Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Council in 2020, including our leadership and various professionals in the council. We have held monthly meetings and created the mission, vision, pillars, and strategy. We have also participated in diverse career fairs with different societies and veteran events. We committed to network and recruit a more diverse talent pipeline, and have hired diverse students for our internship program

We aspire to: increase our diverse talent by 5% year over year and achieve a baseline representation of 30% women, ethnicity, veterans, etc. We have established a talent marketing strategy ensuring that we are reaching diverse groups and associations, and presenting diverse candidates to our hiring managers. This commitment is supported by our executive leadership.

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