When it comes to diversity and inclusion, strategies are better than intentions

By Sheri B. Hawkins

As the investment management and financial advisory industry seeks to attract and retain a more diverse mix of talent, a consensus has emerged on the importance of early engagement, pipeline building, mentoring and development of contemporary employee benefits.

There is evidence that discussions are richer, insights are deeper and decisions are stronger when we have diversity of thought.

How does an industry full of organizations with established, often storied, cultural legacies and norms enable diversity and inclusion to drive these more informed insights and lead to better business outcomes?

Unlocking the benefits of diversity and inclusion starts with leaders adopting an inclusive mindset. Three examples of areas that offer opportunities to embed the benefits of diversity into company culture include: Procured services, corporate engagement and product development.

Three areas of opportunity

Procured services are elements that the firm directly controls, such as brokerage, legal and accounting firms. We can make conscious and deliberate choices about procuring services from those who exemplify and see the value of diversity and inclusion.

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